Bonnema Potters Tall Vase

The beautiful colors,
the mountains and valleys,
the extreme weather,
the people in the community,
all affect the reason
and rhythm of our work
and enrich our lives.

Bonnema Potters Bowl

Combining colors in endless variations is our trademark.
Our sense of color brings art to each piece.
We create our patterns by pouring glazes in overlapping layers,
reflecting the depths of the landscape.

Our colors include the rich browns associated with stoneware and also many shades of white, pink, yellow, and green. We use many blues, suggestive of sky, water and distant mountains.

Bonnema Potters Teapot

Bonnema Potters Teapot
Color and texture are strong focuses of our work. We use over 30 glazes. Each has its own surface character, for example, shiny, waxy, matte, or dry.

Our stoneware and porcelain pottery is lead-free, and dishwasher safe.


Garret Bonnema
Garret at the kiln
Melody Bonnema
Melody glazing a tile


We use both stoneware and porcelain clays. We make lamps, dinnerware, serving pieces, tiles, vases and garden accessories, and glaze them with our unusual color patterns.

We invite you to view the full range of our work in our showroom in western Maine. Each piece is unique, and our inventory varies.

It is our hope that whatever piece you choose, it will remind you of your visit to our beautiful region.
Bonnema Potters Tall Vase

Bonnema Potters, Bethel, Maine The Showroom & Gallery in our barn on Main Street in Bethel, Maine, is filled with colorful stoneware and porcelain pottery.

We do not sell on the web, but we invite you to come visit us in our Studio and Showroom where you can see the pieces in 3 dimensions!
We are taking the year, 2020, off. Please check our website early next year to learn our plans for the future.

If you're making a special trip, we suggest you call in advance to be sure we are open.

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Bonnema Potters, Bethel, Maine

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